The wireless franchise began in 2004 with VegaNet White in the loft building Bush Gardens in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It had been frankensteined from a handful of salvaged Airport Base Stations, and never worked all that well. Its replacement, VegaNet Blue, worked better, eventually moved to Bay Ridge, then perhaps far, far away, to Hawaii, and if it's still plugged in at all it has almost certainly been rebranded. The first spinoff, VegaNet Green, was so named for its original location "deep in the forest" of Inwood, at the tippy-top of Manhattan, and not for its second neighbourhood, the still appropriate (although in a much more obvious way) Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It might still be in Greenpoint, but has also likely been rebranded. VegaNet Red made a similar upper Manhattan to Brooklyn trajectory, operating for a while in Washington Heights, before moving on to Crown Heights, current status unknown. In 2011, VegaNet Pink, went online for a while in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn but was later rebranded as "lighthouse," moved to Bed Stuy, Brooklyn then Ridgewood, Queens, and was eventually relegated to a box of old junk.